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Lic # 153840


Lic # 153840
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The Stom Painters Difference

Meticulous Attention to Detail.

Since 1970, Stom Painters has been providing exterior painting services for both residential and commercial customers in the Oregon Willamette Valley communities of Albany, Lebanon, Corvallis and Salem.

It is in the preparation of any project that makes it successful and we do so much more than just apply a coat of good quality paint. Most home owners and other painters are not as meticulous. We take particular care in the preparation work we do, even before we pick up a brush. The result of all this extra work is a happy customer and a paint job that lasts nearly 10 years.*

Use this list to evaluate our services:

Stom Painters Exterior Painting Checklist

Service Description Stom Painters Property Owner Another Painter
Work within the Lead Safe guidelines. yes we do    
Treat all surfaces killing any organisms such as mildew and mold. yes we do    
Power wash all surfaces removing dirt, mildew, mold and any flaking paint. yes we do    
Sand the abrupt edges of the remaining paint, feathering the surfaces, making it near smooth. yes we do    
Pick up and bag removing all paint chip debris away from premises. yes we do    
Mask and protect all areas not being painted prior to painting. yes we do    
Prime all bare wood and metal down to the substrate with the appropriate primer. yes we do    
Caulk all cracks with Vulkem 116 Polyurethane Sealant on siding (including ends and butts), eves, around the outsides of door jams and windows. yes we do    
Fill all holes. yes we do    
Re-glaze wood sash window if you have them. yes we do    
Add mildewcide to all paint. yes we do    
Apply TWO (2) coats of a 25 year warranty paint of your choice. (We recommend paint from Miller, Rodda, or Sherwin Williams.) yes we do    
All surfaces being painted to receive 6-8 wet mils per coat to ensure proper paint adhesion. yes we do    
After completion of the painting, all masking and tape debris will be removed and disposed of, off your property. yes we do    
All workmanship is warranted for a period of SEVEN (7) years. yes we do    
All leftover paint will be marked and left for the customer. yes we do    
We are licensed, bonded and insured. (OR #153840) yes we do    

*This average is not guaranteed, but is based on observations and customer experience reported to us.

Contact us today for all your paint, wallpaper, or decorating needs. Simply call 541.926.6824 to make an appointment for your free quotation on your interior, exterior, house, home, or business painting, wallpapering, or decorating project.

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facebook iconStom Painters is now on Facebook.
See our latest projects, special offers and more.

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We are licensed, bonded and insured.
(OR #153840)



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